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    Elvis Presley was an American, yet people all around the world seem to relate to him regardless of what language they speak.

    His life was mixed with both mistakes and successes, but most of all it was a life with hopes and dreams -- something all people can relate to.

    Elvis once said "Every dream I ever dreamed came true a hundred times."
    I believe this is his true legacy...

    Thanks, Kevin Robinson

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When Elvis was alive he never went after his critics personally. Instead he kept his feelings about them to himself. Here we are now some 60 years later and Elvis is bigger than ever 39 [Read More]
“Life isn’t something you are given because it’s owed to you. It’s given because you need to grow, to learn and to expand your soul and spirit.” — Elvis
I am here to bring as much joy, happiness and comfort as I can, and if this causes me some strife, some personal heartaches, it’s alright, because I have the privilege of seeing the happiness [Read More]
Here’s Elvis taken from 1972’s – Elvis On Tour.
Long before Andy Kaufman became famous as Latka on the TV Show “Taxi” and his Stand-Up Comedy routines, he was a longtime Elvis fan. The story goes that when Andy was around 20 in 1970 [Read More]
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People who met Elvis were always taken back by his ability to make them comfortable by showing an interest in them. Joe Namath talks here about how nice Elvis treated his Dad when Joe took [Read More]
Here is possibly the single best Elvis dance scene ever from Jailhouse Rock 1957 – no one else could have done this number.
Here’s Elvis in a scene from Blue Hawaii 1961.
Elvis never had much confidence in his ability to dance, but he really had nothing to worry about. In this scene from “Loving You” 1957 he shows what comes naturally.