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Story about how a little girl in Sweden dying of cerebral palsy who became pen pals with Elvis. It has been several years since I saw this film and after watching it again I too had tears in my eyes. While his music and films are liked and disliked by some, his compassion for less […]

Listening and Watching this performance was absolutely “SPELLBINDING”. Regardless of who wins American Idol, I will never forget Jena’s voice singing this Elvis song. I had to record it and put it on this site. Please let me know what you think, Kevin

Shortly after Elvis died, James Brown recorded Love Me Tender as the b-side of his hit record The Spank. Brown did this touching spoken intro: ‘I want to talk about a good friend I had for a long time and a man I still love, Brother Elvis Presley. You know, if he were here right […]

TURN YOUR VOLUME UP AND PUT YOUR HEAD PHONES ON. This is just one more example of how beautiful some of Elvis’s ballads were.

When Elvis first started out, Frank Sinatra was one of Elvis’s biggest critics. In 1960 Frank had mellowed out a little and decided he would do a “Welcome Back Elvis” special TV show. It was Elvis’s first TV appearance since coming home from his two year hitch in the Army. In that show he did […]

In 1964 Elvis Presley purchased President Roosevelt’s Boat and donated it to Saint Judes Hospital. Danny Thomas accepted the gift from Elvis in Long Beach, Calf. During the ceremony Danny kisses Elvis on the cheek when Elvis gives him the keys. Everyone has a good laugh and as he leaves, as always Elvis stops to […]

Elvis daydreamed as a young man of having a fine new car when he was driving a truck. Over his lifetime he gave away it is estimated 200 Cadillacs.

Here’s the King himself doing the song so many others enjoy covering. Widgets