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Here’s another example of the magic of “Elvis Presley” and his ability to connect with his audience. I found this video by chance – it is another example of the many alternate takes that are out there.

I was looking for a Elvis song to provide the background music for a video I made. While searching You Tube videos, I found Take 9 of “Girl of Mine”. I never heard Elvis sound so sincere while singing the words of this song. I hope you enjoy it too…

I stole this version off of “Elvis presley fan page elvis for everyone” on facebook.

One of Elvis’s Gospel songs from his 1961 album, His Hand in Mine.

Beautiful rendition of gospel song only Elvis could give it justice.

I have always loved Elvis sing the songs he loved the most.

No man loved his country more than Elvis Presley did. Listen now to Elvis tell through the passion in his voice, the words of America the Beautiful.

Just before leaving for Germany to serve his tour of duty in the Army, Elvis gave a press conference. As usual he was in rare form with a great sense of humor answering questions.

Here is a one hour discussion held in Washington DC that I could not stop watching.  Here is a poor boy who grew up in poverty and now he is visiting with the President of the US in the oval office. I know you will be glad you found this clip, as it gives you […]