Create Elvis Playlist For Your Phone

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Members can can get an Elvis Presley Song Download to their smart phone anytime they want. Prime members have a huge selection of Elvis songs to choose from. Many of them are alternate takes and sound like brand new songs. However, not all Elvis songs are free downloads as many have a small charge. But for most of us, there are more than enough free selections to create an extensive Elvis Presley Song List.

If you do not want all songs by Elvis Presley, you have access to just about every artist who ever lived. With over One Million songs to choose from, you will have no problem filling up several playlists with 50 to 100 songs each.

For example the Elvis Presley singing career takes into account 1954 thru 1977 and your song lists can include various artists that recorded during that time frame. Don’t forget you also have access to all the artists from 1977 all the way to the current artists of today.

Also you have access to a multitude of Prime Stations based on Popular Genres & Artists very similar to popular paid radio stations. And yes their is also an Elvis Presley Radio Station which is included free with your membership.

To start once you become a member, just download the Amazon Free Music App to your smart phone and start enjoying your Amazon Free Music.


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