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If we look back over the history of Elvis Presley, we will discover many stories about  Elvis’s generosity and other kind acts that you may or may not be aware of yourself.  Most of these things have gone by unnoticed, but I will share all that I know and hope you share as well…

Elvis promoting Polio Vaccinations for March of Dimes with Poster Girl Joanne Kelly – 1956

In November of 2007  the 1950’s Poster Girl Joanne Kelly for the March of Dimes was interviewed about her role and what she remembered about meeting Elvis. She said she and her parents were not big fans at the time and she was not really enthusiastic about kissing him.  She remembers after the pictures were done, Elvis spent more than an hour talking with her and offered to provide help to the family in several different ways. Her parents declined to accept any help, but always said Elvis was the nicest celebrity they had ever met.

She remembered her parents talking about their experiences meeting so many celebrities as poster Girl…
My parents were surprised at how wonderful he was to them. Many other celebrities just show up for the pic and rush out as soon as they can. They said he seemed very concerned about my welfare and asked many questions about the surgeries I had and what my future would be like.”

March of Dimes Promo-1959

At the end of the interview Joanne was asked if there was anything else she would like to say to people reading this article…

“Elvis will always be the King! I’ve never been to Graceland but my cousin has. He said that there is a room devoted to all Elvis’ charitable works. My picture is behind a glass case. He also did a lot for the American Heart Association. I saw my pic at the beginning of a show about Elvis and Gospel music that was on cable TV. Sometimes, around Elvis’ birthday one of my pics appear in a newspaper.”

Over the years many of the people in Elvis’s circle of  friends have told about some of the generous things they saw Elvis do.  Some of these stories have been featured in documentary style films, but some of the most revealing stories about Elvis’s giving nature are told for the first time in the film - “Elvis…A Generous Heart” .

Lowell Hays...Elvis's friend and personal jeweler.

Lowell Hays…friend and personal jeweler.

Lowell Hays –   tells one story…

Garnet Cross

“We were in Mississippi. getting ready to go do a live performance when we got word that a little boy was dying and really wanted to see Elvis. He was hospitalized and too sick to get  to the show, so we loaded up in cars and went to the hospital. Elvis was dressed for his show and was wearing a cross made of garnets. Elvis talked with the boy for a while and just before leaving, he took off the cross and gave it to the little boy.”




George Klein…Lifelong friend

George Kline – tells how when Elvis first started getting money in…

“Elvis wanted to share his good fortune as he was a sharing person and would get into confrontations with his father about him giving so much away.” Elvis’s dad would say, “son, we’re pretty wealthy, but you are giving away houses and giving away Cadillac cars to people off the street who walk into the dealership. You know, pretty soon the bank account is gonna take a hit.”

Elvis and Vernon Presley

Elvis would say, “Look dad, I enjoy giving away things to people, that’s how I get my enjoyment.”  He’d say, “I can go out on tour for six weeks and make two million dollars. I’m not worried about money, I want to make people happy.”


” I am so lucky to be in a

position to give.

It’s really a great gift

to be able to give.”

- Elvis Presley


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