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Elvis Presley Movies begins the Winter of 1935 in Tupelo, Miss. with Gladys Presley giving birth to twin boys and only one surviving. The Presley’s were share croppers and struggled most of the time just to maintain the basics of life. The surviving child would never forget the struggles his parents went through or what it felt like to have to go without.

Perhaps it was these very struggles that connected him to everyday people so strongly and them to him. Throughout his entire adult life, his greatest pleasure would come from sharing his good fortune with others who had been less fortunate than him. I will always remember Elvis Presley Movies and Elvis Songs, but most of all I will remember Elvis’s generous heart.

When Colonel Tom Parker got Elvis into the movies back in 1956, who would ever have foreseen how important capturing Elvis on film would be for future generations. Imagine trying to explain in words, what it was like to see Elvis perform “Mean Woman Blues” or “Jailhouse Rock”. The magic of Elvis was his ability to stir peoples emotions with his music and physical presentation. You might forget the lyrics of one of his songs, but you could never forget what it was like “seeing” Elvis.

Back in 1957, the movie “Jailhouse Rock”  spotlights probably one of Elvis’s most memorable performances of that very song. Today, go to Google and type in the words “Jailhouse Rock”into the search bar and you’ll get 4,220,000 results in Web Pages and 10,700 videos. The Top Video has been viewed 28,828,898 times since it was posted on June 13, 2006. WOW, that’s not bad for someone who was supposed to be a flash in the pan back in 1956.

[UPDATE ON JAILHOUSE ROCK] Today is Nov.09,2012 – about 16 months after the above figures and out of curiosity I did another search for “Jailhouse Rock” and got the following results: Google Search results were 22,400,000 web pages and 40,900 videos with the Top Video getting 38,078,019 views. Even a big Elvis Fan like myself sometimes can’t believe how many other people there are out there that love Elvis like I do. It sure makes you feel good!

As a child, Elvis was very much the dreamer, but it took the likes of Colonel Tom Parker to really make those dreams come true. When Elvis and the Colonel first talked about what their plans would be back in 1956, Elvis expressed an interest in trying his hand at acting. By the end of that year the Colonel had made a deal with Paramount Studios for Elvis to appear in his first movie, “Love Me Tender” and the rest is history.

Of course, if we are going to talk about the movies it is impossible to leave out the songs. Elvis is credited with recording either in the studio or live while on stage approximately 800 songs. Most people feel “That’s All Right, Mama” (1954) to be his first and his last one done in a studio session was “Moody Blue” (1977). It is estimated that Elvis has sold enough records to circle the Earth three times over. Although it is still a question of verification, it is believed “Elvis Worldwide Record Sales” have reached the One Billion Mark.

Many people over the years have tried to examine exactly why so many people feel so strongly about Elvis. I don’t know why either, all I know is when I hear a tune like “Don’t Be Cruel” or “All Shook Up” coming through those speakers, it makes me feel good. It’s hard to feel unhappy when your knee is bouncing up and down to the music I guess.

So, why try so hard to analyze everything anyway…
Why not just enjoy the movies and songs.
20,075 Days a Elvis Fan… No End In Sight.


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