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    I do not pretend to know everything about Elvis Presley, but I have been a fan since 1956. If you said to me “Tell me about Elvis Presley”, I would say first Elvis had faults and made mistakes just like you and me. But from beginning to end he stayed close to his family and never forgot it was his fans that made him successful. He loved this country never forgetting his humble beginnings and always showed compassion and generosity to people less fortunate than himself.
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Here’s Elvis with DJ Fontana and Scotty Moore in the 1968 Comeback Special.
No one sang ballads like Elvis and many of them were from his movies. 1963’s Kissin Cousins gave us this one.
From 1962’s Girls Girls Girls here is one of Elvis’s best ballads.
Although Elvis sang in all of his movies, he had the ability to be an dramatic actor. These scenes showcase some of his best dramatic talent. The Elvis Presley movie list consists of 29 regular [Read More]2
Cody Slaughter performs ” Don’t Leave Me Now ” and ” Trouble ” at the 2011 Memphis Ultimate Elvis Tribute contest.
Elvis once said, “Without a song the day would never end, without a song a man ain’t got a friend, without a song the road would never bend. So I keep singing a song.”
Elvis’s third movie required a temporary postponement of his induction into the Army to make. It is probably the first time critics “praised” Elvis’s acting ability. As the years went by, many people have said [Read More]2
In 1956 the critics said Elvis was a novelty and his popularity would fade rapidly as fans went on to the next big fad. But instead in 1957 the Elvis thing EXPLODED to unheard of [Read More]2
When all is said and done, what will people remember about Elvis Presley? By far I will remember the generous and compassionate nature of Elvis. Elvis never forgot the struggles his parents went through when [Read More]2
From the time Elvis was old enough to walk his favorite music was what he heard in Church. For his entire life, Gospel music would always be his favorite. It was probably the biggest influence [Read More]2
A few years ago The Cirque du Soleil people put together a tribute to Elvis called “Viva Elvis” and remixed some of his most known songs into an album.
Elvis always cared about spending time with his fans. Stopping to sign autographs was the one of many ways he showed his appreciation for their loyalty. Elvis’s last words to his fans on stage were: [Read More]2