TOUCHED By Love | 1980 Film From Book “To Elvis With Love”

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Based on a true story by Lena Canada, TOUCHED BY LOVE is an interesting account of how a nurse, Deborah Raffin (playing Canada), pulls a withdrawn cerebral palsy victim, Diane Lane, out of her shell by encouraging her to write to her idol, Elvis Presley. This leads to an ongoing exchange of letters and gifts between Elvis and Karen up tp 1963 when she died.

“Touched by Love” is an uplifting true story of love, hope and devotion and its important message is one of the most important parts of Elvis’ legacy, one that deserves to be remembered forever.

“This book doesn’t focus on Elvis, and yet it does. It’s a story primarily about a young girl living in Sweden who suffers from cerebral palsy and has to spend her days in a wheelchair. Her life is dismal, and her future seems doomed. The book is written from the perspective of her young nurse, who helps her to come out of her shell. And when she finally opens her heart, who should come bursting out but Elvis, the King of Rock & Roll – in a revelation of fan love and loyalty that’s so different from the norm as to never be forgotten.

Karen is a die-hard Elvis fan, but nobody knows it. Sitting mutely in her wheelchair day-in, day-out at the institution known as the Brown House, she watches her idol singing and dancing on TV while she can’t even perform the most basic of everyday tasks. Abandoned by her parents, she has to watch sadly as the other children go home for holidays while she is left all alone with only her fan memorabilia, the staff … and one extraordinary carer – Lena – to keep her company. The world she inhabits seems light years away from the glamorous and privileged realm her rock-star hero moves and shakes in. So when one day Lena, having busted her charge’s secret, suggests they both write a letter to Elvis, it takes a little more than imagination to anticipate where the road will lead — it takes faith.

If you are not a die-hard Elvis fan and you begin reading this book, you will either be one by the end of it, or you’ll at least turn the last page with a very powerful impression of the man imprinted on your heart.
This story will touch you profoundly and make you believe in miracles. It will open your eyes to the hidden aspects of a superstar the world has often misunderstood and too often taken at face value rather than trying to fathom his deeper qualities and motivations. Ultimately, it will shine a light on why Elvis, unlike so many of his contemporaries and other celebrities who shone briefly and then were forgotten, continues to be remembered and celebrated today by generations who never even knew him while he was alive.”


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